The top cryptocurrency exchanges for purchasing Bitcoins and altcoins



Bitcoin is attracting user’s attention in India because of the legality imposed on it. There are several websites that offer trading in bitcoin and altcoin, but it is not necessary that all of them are reliable. You should check before applying to any of the websites. Cryptocurrencies exchanges are similar as compared to stock exchanges. They allow investors to purchase trade and keep cryptocurrency as much they can.


The transfer of transactions is difficult to track in India; that is why authorities are undertaking necessary steps to regulate them. However, you should remember that trading in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum are illegal in India. Before trading and making an investment in any of these cryptocurrencies, we must first see the methods government implies on crypto. Some of the most well-known Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are mentioned below. The name mentioned below is the best place to buy altcoins.




It is the most profitable bitcoin exchange which began its trading and promises to be among the best reliable cryptocurrency exchange. This platform has the ability to provide its customers with direct transactions. It is operated on a system that is capable of handling millions of transactions and scaling up the structure to meet increasing demands. WazirX offers a seamless and quick experience to all the Technologies, including mobile applications windows program. The exchange also offers cutting edge KYC technology which helps to verify the identity within a few hours of the registration. 




BuyUCoin is new to the cryptocurrency sector. It offers an easy and Secure platform for trading purposes. It also offers the exchange of a variety of cryptocurrencies, including ethereum, litecoin, ethereum classic etc. It has the ability to conduct monthly transactions, allowing the customers to invest in cryptocurrency as a SIP. To avoid a ban in India, BuyUCoin has designed and constructed a box method that will monitor all the cryptocurrencies in the country. This network records 95% of the cash offline. There is no issue of hacking left. 




It went live in 2018 with the purpose of providing a good experience that allows customers to access a wide range of financial goods and services while being also being protected from security and insurance protocols. They accept different methods of payment like UPI and IMPS.




Bitbns is a friendly bitcoin exchange that accepts and sends bitcoins. The P2P methodology enables the customers to buy and trade bitcoin without the requirement of a third person. They contain various tools and capabilities that allow an automation method to complete the transactions. It has now listed ninety-eight cryptos. The users can trade and sell their products at the best rates available in the market, and it does not provide inconvenience like in many other cryptocurrencies customers have to face.




Zebpay has been in the industry since 2014 and has been growing to new heights. The total numbers of people choosing it are almost three million, and it has increased nearly $2 million transactions. It allows the customers to rapidly acquire bitcoin and altcoin with a guarantee of complete execution and minimum slippage.